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One of Most Best Jyotish  Dr. Soma Chatterjee (Chakraborty)

Dr. Soma Chatterjee (Chakraborty) is a one of most best jyotish or famous astrologer, who is practicing astrology as PARAMPARA( tradition). This Tradition started decades ago by her late grand father Sri Radharmon Chakraborty, who was a master of astrology and all kind of VEDIC RITUALS

Burdwan King DONATED a property to Sri Radharmon Chakraborty At BELUR, where he established ‘ Shaborni Ashram’. Where he made kali temple, Bhairav temple and Durga temple and used to do all kinds of puja and Vedic rituals by authentic way

Soma’s father was an engineer , but his uncle Kamalakanta Chakraborty followed his father’s footstep and involve himself completely to astrology and Vedic culture.

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Since very tender age Soma started learning astrology and all Vedic rituals under the guidance of her uncle Kamalakanta and elder brother Ashim Chakraborty.

Soma has a bachelor degree in psychology and she has completed MBA. After completing her MBA Soma worked for many renowned companies. But she could not ignore that inner call and letter on she completely involve herself into astrology Soma Chatterjee is well known in the field of Vedic astrology . Her managerial background has enabled her to use modern communication skills for prediction and counseling.

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