Remedies for Improving Your Relationship Best Tips

10 Best Tips on Remedies for Improving Your Relationship According to Dr. Soma Chatterjee

1. In your horoscope if any malefic is sitting in the 7th house or the trinal signs from the 7th house then do the remedies of that planet.

2. Husband and wife together worship Ganesh ji.

3. Wife should sleep on the left side of husband.

4. In your bedroom do not keep any sharp objects, threads, or plant roots.

5. Do not invite your friends or neighbors in your bedroom.

6. The bed should be sufficiently away from the door.

7. Do not make any step or staircase or narrow corridore between your bedroom and kitchen.

8. Do not keep god idol or photos in your bedroom.

9. Avoid iron furniture and shoes in your bed room.

10. Do not use torn or faded or black and white printed curtains or bedsheets, pillow cover etc.


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