Moon Saturn Conjunction & It’s Result

How Moon Saturn Conjunction Effect on Your Life by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

Moon Saturn conjunction is considered ‘Chandra mouli yoga’ in Naadi Astrology.
Moon signifies – native’s mother,mind,change,loss, homely atmosphere, travel,liquid,sweets, cheating tendency etc.
Saturn signifies delay, laziness,slow,solitary lover, burden of duty, elder brother,darkness and profession etc.

So when the combination forms as Moon + Saturn, then results are as follows –

1) The native has pessimistic outlook towards life and he is susceptible to give way to despair.
2) The native is lazy, slow and having problems in leg or feels pain while walking.
3) Both native and his mother suffer from cold,cough and arthritis.
4) Native’s mother has some sort of earnings or she is a working woman.
5) The native loves loneliness, dislikes crowded place and can’t stand light in the night.
6) The native turns spiritually inclined in later life and devotee of lord Shiva.
7) If moon is strong then it is good combination for research work.


But when the combination forms as Saturn + Moon (degree wise),the results are –

1) Ups and downs in Native’s career. professional changes several time.
2) Travel or transferable jobs. If rahu joins then abroad settlement for profession.
3) Business in liquid items, food, sea food, restaurant , cotton clothes etc.
4) They have habit of saying the same thing over and over again.
5) One of the elder brother may settle abroad.

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