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Analysis Vedic Jyotish System with Dasha by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

Dasha, the intricate timing scheme of Vedic Stellar Astrology, stands as a cornerstone in deciphering life’s unfolding journey. Revered Sages of Akhanda Bharatvarsh have asserted that the 120-year span of Vimshottari/Udu Maha-dasha finds optimal resonance within the Kaliyugam epoch.

Imagine time as a wheel, the Kalachakram bearing 12 radiant spokes or bhavam or acts/houses; One could infer them as 12 compartments of a train and 9 divine celestial authorities Navagraham as Governors of the Institution of Railways

♦Mahadasha symbolizes a grand voyage – envision trip eg., from Bengal to Balochistan, representing the entirety of one’s journey.

♦Bukthi mirrors crossing state borders, signifying shifts in life’s stages and perspectives.

♦Antaram resonates with significant towns or cities along the journey, highlighting pivotal life events.

♦Sookshmam delves deeper into neighborhoods within towns, reflecting intricate nuances of life’s phases.

♦Pranam compares to streets and lanes within neighborhoods, embodying specific directions life takes.

♦Deham stands as the minutest unit, representing steps taken within lanes, akin to the fleeting moments of life’s progression.

Significant contributions of Prof. Sri KS Krishnamurthy lies in his creation of a comprehensive system where each dasha intercalary sequence can be assessed akin “lagnam”, offering both independent and interdependent analyses.

KP & his adherents innovation*/discoveries* marks a turning point in the field of Vedanga Jyotish.

The elegance of Paddathi lies in its simplicity, rooted in an evolved* Ephemeris, Placidus/Chalit house trigonometry & Sri Simon Newcombs’ rate of precession, where Cuspal-Crux (Sputham) is derived using same logic as that of Sri Vimshottari so bhavam & its timings are in an absolute straight-line alignment.

In practice, different layers yield specific insights onto distinct durational aspects of life:

♠ For a panoramic view of general well-being and the broader scheme of life, Mahadasha holds its purpose.

♠ Bukthi, on the other hand, dives into the details of current life affairs, matters like childbirth, and investments.

♠ Antaram analyzes matters of practicality: new home purchases, marriages, investments, and the prevailing trends.

♠ When dealing with shorter-term concerns spanning few weeks, Sookshmam comes into play, guiding choices like acquiring a TV or a vehicle or even determining muhurtam etc. In fact Sookshmam handshakes with Gocharam in the subtlest of ways

♠ For signing important contracts or appearing for audition/screening etc Deham can be used along Panch-Angam & Pancha-Pakshi

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