Why Saturn Dasha is HARD for some and easy for others:
Suppose a teacher is teaching you during the school time and you are not paying attention.

What will happen?

a) You have to work extremely hard to pass the exams
b) you will be scared to sit in the exam
c) you may fail in some of the subjects, due to which you have to clear the previous subjects as well as work on new projects
d) your mental pressure will increase.
e) You will feel numb ( cold)
f) Finally you cry, you are not able to do it. The only way out is that you take extra tuition , leave all bad habits, becomes punctual, Hard work and nothing less than that.
g) Then finally you pass the exam, then you understand that why hard work was necessary.

Now explaining you:

See when Jupiter Mahadasha is going on :
What is Jupiter your Guru , Guru is giving you the lessons, but now it is all up to you whether you are understanding the Moral of the story of the various events happening in your life or not.
How guru teaches you : First is through AIR ( by words ) telling you this is the way how u do the things etc etc. and then once you understand the topic then only guru gives you a practical . so that you should understand that how the knowledge which has been imparted aligns to the practical implementation.
That’s why if you see Jupiter is having 3 padas in Airy + one in water ( water is something where the energy of all three is stored).

All the Saturn nakshatra are in water signs. Means everything is in store for you in the Saturn dasha.
So where ever the 4, 8, and 12 comes things are in store for you already. So Saturn is to accept what ever is stored already and the new karma what will you do will be adding too.

Pending Karma for Saturn in 4th house ( you know you have to work hard for other people or the mass that is 4th house . see the sign of cancer and the house ( those houses will also get activated during Saturn dashas.
For Saturn Dasha: See where your Saturn is Whether it is in Fiery , Earthy, Airy or Water sign and then you can accordingly.

What is the best remedy for SATURN:

The Best remedy is to Lit the Fire inside you. That fire is Mars. Start Going to Gym/running/communication applying your mind/ solving difficult problems / helping peoples.
If you think Saturn is good with 10, and 11 ascendant people. The answer is no. because as both of these ascendant are ascendant ruled so unless they stick to the overall personality of Saturn they will be saved otherwise you know what will happen.
Tighten your seat belts whenever Saturn Dasha starts, if you can continuously keep on working nothing will happen to you and finally you will succeed.

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