Astrological Remedies for Educational Problems

Best and Essential Astrological Remedies for Educational Problems by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

In our Vedic astrology we believe that ” if there is a problem, there is a solution too”. In my previous part I described that how our education get disturbed or we face obstacles. I described how kalsarpa yoga, vish yoga , grahan yoga can harm your education in a bad way. In this part I will discuss about the solution for it.

(1) If there is kalsarpa yoga you have to perform Puja for that or suppose you have grahan or vish yoga , again you have to do Puja for that

(2) But sometimes we astrologers suggest Dana (charity) . Dana also a very big part in our Vedic astrology.

(3) Yantram is also every useful part of remedy. An astrologer can suggest you to establish a yantram in your house or to wear it.

(4) Stone also useful to charge up weak planet. But you have to remember that which remedy is suitable for you only a experienced astrologer can suggest you. Some people may need to do Pooja for his planetary problem at the same time someone else need to wear a gemstone for it.

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