Special Impact of Rahu and Ketu

Today our topic is ‘Special Impact of Rahu and Ketu’

In exceptional cases when Rahu is well placed in a mooltrikona sign of a planet without causing any conjunction or close aspect with other houses and planets and its depositor is strong rahu gives good results during its sub creates for materialistic prosperity.

Important Points –

  • Rahu and ketu when exalted gives materialistic benefits while they will debilitated Rahu involves the native in exposed scandals and acute physical sufferings
  • Ketu creates unknown fear, hidden enemies.
  • Debilitated ketu also creates problem to take proper decision.
  • Native may feel helpless.
  • Native can encounter losses in business of may be sacked from job.

Remedies –

Durga kabaj for rahu and ganesh kavach for ketu very helpful to overcome obstacles.

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