Education Prediction in Astrology – Astrological Effect in Education

Education Prediction in Astrology by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

The Vedic astrology is intimately personal and intensely practical. It reveals the vast stores of latent faculties inherent in every individual. It also indicate the basic impulses motivating once activities and interest. It enables an astrologer to study the blueprint of a person’s life and advise or warn him to the various impediments to his path of future unfoldment. Various astrological sutras indicate the extent and goal of once intelligence and the process by which distortions, if any in the path, maybe eliminated or mitigated.

The wisdom of Vedic astrology can illuminate the path for students who are aiming for academic excellence and educational success . Many parents have the chart of their children analyzed to give them clues for how best to support the children in their family. One should know about their children chart for intelligence and learning, for strength and impediments and how to get possible result with the help of astrological evaluation.

So here we explained education prediction in astrology, hope you liked please follow our all episodes regarding this topic.

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