Raj Yoga in Astrology – Most Powerful Yoga in Astrology

Raj Yoga in Astrology & Results of Planetary Combination According to Dr. Soma Chatterjee

As we know that good planetary combinations give good results for various areas of life . E.g. Benefics in lagna would be helpful throughout life . Raj Yogas give status and Dhan Yogas give wealth in life .This is specially true of Yogas in chart or presence of exalted planets in the chart . People having good yogas expect high returns in life. It should be very clear in our mind that quantum of good results is directly related to the environment in which the native is placed .

E.g.  A Raj Yoga in the chart of a laborer would at best will give him say a white collar job along with small luxuries of life . Whereas a Raj Yoga present in the chart of the son of an MLA can give him post of a Minister .

There are, however , exceptions depending upon other combinations in the chart . Therefore do not feel dejected when good combinations do not give results as per your expectations. Your expectations might be higher than what the chart is promising. But definitely something good will happen if the chart so indicates.


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