Which planet causes of obstacle for education in astrology?

Planetary effects for Obstacles in education by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

There are some yogas or some bad position of planets can cause obstacles in education.

1) Lagna is a very important thing in our birth chart if lagna is not strong or badly placed can cause obstacle in education suppose lagna is debited with Rahu so that person cannot concentrate in study properly or suppose debited lagna with ketu the person may suffer a lot physically so he or she can’t do his or her .
study properly.

(2) Some yogas are very bad for education like kalsarpa yoga, Guru chandal yoga, grahan yoga, vish yoga can play a lot with your educational life.

(3) Kalsarpa yoga create lots of obstacle in education. Students those who have kalsarpa yoga don’t get marks according to their hard work.

(4) When Jupiter and Rahu is together we called it Guru chandal yoga. Yoga is also not good for study. That person do not get good Guru or teacher according to their need.

( 5) When moon is with Rahu or Ketu , it creates grahan yoga that is also a not a good yoga for education, those who have this yoga mentally they are not stable, they cannot concentrate properly, they think unnecessary things a lot.

(6) Affected 4th 5th or 9th house also create problem in educational life.

(7) Affected or debilitated Mercury Jupiter also create problem in educational life.


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