Yoga in Astrology

Yoga in Astrology or Astrology Relation with Yoga ?

The term yoga means’ to join ‘or ‘union’. In astrology yoga means specific planetary disposition which is capable of yielding specific results. Such as planetary disposition has inherent in it a linkage which justifies the term yoga for it.

This linkage or relationship could be one of the following types –

1) Involving planets only

2) Between planets

3) Between planets and signs

4) Involving any combination of the above

There are several yoga which involve angular relationship among planets themselves without having any specific reference, like gajakesari yoga caused by a mutual quadrangular relationship between the moon and the Jupiter.
Several important yoga results from a mutual relationship between planets on the one hand and houses on the other, like the ‘katari yoga: arising from the placement of benefits or malefics in the two houses surrounding the lagna.

The zodiacal aur rashis are at least as important as the planets or the houses themselves. Planets obtain strength or weakness depending upon the what position they occupy in the zodiac. There are some yogas which depend only on the interrelationship of planets with different signs of the zodiac. Example is ‘ Nabhas yoga’.

Most of the yoga depends upon all the three factors combine like planets houses and signs. Like ,’ panch madhapur yoga’. So to know your ‘yoga’, full horoscope reading is must.

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