Numerology Prediction 2023

Numerology Prediction 2023

No 1 – This is a really good year for you. But you have to overcome your laziness and you must follow’ do it now’ policy to get success. But over all it’s a good year for you

No 2 – No 2 and 7 are like mirror images. It’s a excellent year for you. Career, finance, health everything will be in a right side. But as no 7 denotes depression, loneliness so you careful about all these. Do meditation and follow a positive mindset.

No 3 – This year is going to give you bit challenge. Whatever it’s Money or fame, you have to give more effort to get it. This year you may get inclined towards spirituality, meditation. And you must have some patience to get your work done.

No 4 – This year is going to be an eventful year for you. In all aspect you will get success. This year people will try to understand you. Those who are not married, can find their soulmate this year. You may get some rewards for your past work. Do some charity for better results.

No 5 – This year will give you slow results. As 5 born people want everything very fast so this slowness can make them depressed, so do some meditation. This year you may visit some spiritual places or may get into spirituality.

No 6 – Last year was a excellent year for you and this year also going to be good for you.But you may get slow progress, those who are into entertainment industry can get better results. This year you people will develop some new relationships, you will get help from your colleagues. Try to donate something to needy people.

No 7 – This is a excellent year for you. You will get success in all fields. But try to have some good plans and don’t do anything unplanned. Try to ignore others opinions this year and follow your heart. Try to avoid overthinking. Those who are childless, can get their little bundle of joy this year.

No 8 – This year is going be a average year for you. Previous year (2022)was really good for you but this year you have to work hard. Follow your heart ,and don’t bother about others view. Do meditation and read “hanuman chalisa”.

No 9 – This year 9 born people please follow a “ take it easy” policy or you people will face lots of mental issues this year. Before taking any decision use your brain properly. Before investing anywhere think twice . Do meditation regularly.


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