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Due to this defect in the plot, even a prosperous person can be troubled –

🌷 Often, seeing a deserted place or an empty plot, people start throwing garbage in it. Many times people see an empty plot after the death of their pet and bury it there. Similarly, sometimes some blood-stained clothes are thrown away. Many a times, we get old debris dumped in a plot to fill it. Many times such things come in that old debris which puts us in big trouble.

🌷 If there is any bone, iron, part of an animal, coal, burnt wood, hair, ash etc. in the place or plot where you want to build a factory or house, then it should be removed, otherwise it should be for the homeowner. Could be bad.

🌷* The owner of the plot can also come to know about the surgical defect through some omens.

🌷* It has been told in Devi Purana that soon after starting the construction of the house, if itching arises in any part of the owner of the house, then there may be a surgical defect in that plot.

🌷 * If there is a loss in the business as soon as the construction of the house is started or immediately after entering the house, then understand that there is some surgical defect.

🌷 * If a member of the house passes away within 2-3 years of house warming, there is a possibility of surgical defect in the east direction.

🌷 * If there is surgery in the fire angle in the south-east, then you get the scepter.

🌷 * If there is surgery in the south direction, there is a possibility of disease.

🌷 * If there is a dog’s bone in the south-west, the children may suffer.

🌷 * If there is surgery in the north, even a rich man can become poor.

🌷 * If there is surgery in the north-east direction, then money and animals are destroyed.

🌷 * If there is surgery in the Brahma place of the house, then the family can be destroyed.

🌷 If you want to live in that house or plot factory, then you must get the surgical defect removed from a qualified Vastu Shastri. Contact for proper solution.

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