Moon Mahadosha

Moon Mahadosha Prediction

Moon MD is of 10 years. Out of 10 years, 1 year will be bad for the native. Moon is your emotion, your happiness, your mother, your home, etc.
In moon mahadasha, native may feel emotional most of time. They cry on little little things. They feel bad or emotional on anything. If they watch any sad songs or sad music or sad scene, then their tears won’t stop.

From starting moon mahadasha, native wants to go out of their home and wants to stay other place. In other words we can say that they want to leave their house ( for any reason) and go to new place.
If your moon is weak then moon MahaDasha and anterdasha will give depression, emotional turmoil . If your moon and Mars both are strong then you will feel confident and comfortable dealing with your emotion.

Remedies of Moon Mahadosha

There are many remedies for moon… But ask with knowledgeable person after showing ur chart…. Proper remedy will help you in your moon MD.
1) worship shiv ji… Offer water to him.
2) worship Devi
3) ritual in bathing.
4) donation of milk or water.
5) feeding someone/ animal/ birds

Note:- You can do remedy after knowing ur proper remedy because the placement of moon plays a big role …🙏

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