Mars Saturn Opposition

Mars Saturn Opposition –

Mars:- Hot, anger, ready to do any action, Fight , logical etc.

Saturn:- Cold , calm, patience, slow, balancing , coward etc.

Both are bitter enemies and opposite in nature.

So when in any horoscope SaturnMars 7/7 or opposite to each other then the native gets some general results which are listed below:-

1:- Native doesn’t take right action when it is needed and lose patience also at the time of need .

2:- Suffering from internal fear

3:- Inferiority complex

4:- Career instability of the native & siblings.

5:- A neutral relations between siblings.

6:- Interested in occult sciences, history, geology, research field, defense, police, engineering (mechanical & civil mostly),black magic, gambling etc

7:- Harsh speech

8:- face accidents (vehicle/ fire )

9:- Problem in spinal cord , teeth, feet, blood pressure, Low hemoglobin in blood .

10:- Living in a South facing house possible/ toilet in south.

11:- Easily get into addiction of smoking, drinking etc.

⚡ Remedy :- Pray to lord Hanuman ji / Maha kaleswar 🙏

🌟 Results may vary as per the strength of both planets.

🌟 Other planetary influences also change the results.

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