Sun and Venus Combination

What could happen for Sun and Venus Combination by Dr. Soma Chatterjee

Many of the people have these combinations together. There are positive and negative sides of every combination. I will write all together positive and negative.

1) Native will be creative.
2) At age of 22 and 25, marriage will not be good ( reason may be any ). So avoid marriage in this age.
3) Either spouse will be good and profession will be bad….. Or spouse will be bad and profession will be good….
4) There may be chances that native and native father will live in distance. ( In some cases).
5) There may be chances of problem getting male child.
6) See degree of sun and Venus, then higher Venus degree will give … Native believe/ dependent on spouse. Get wealth through spouse. If sun degree is more,..then native will get wealth from father/ ancestors. But if combust Venus, gives problem to spouse, wealth, health of spouse.
7) There is chance of ego problem, fighting , cold behaviour, misunderstanding, not caring problem with spouse. This can make native sad.
8) Sun and Venus combination makes rahu bad… Rahu can not give good results till 42 yrs age.
9) Native will not get much benefit from father or grand father or relatives or gold. But person have little attraction towards gold.
10) If they will be involved in other extra relationship.. then it will give bad results.

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