Moon in 6th House Effect

Moon in 6th House Effect of Good and Bad for you ?

When no emotions are the best emotions – Dhan yoga

6 can be house and sign (ie Virgo)
D1 or D9, maybe even D10, D60


Debt to mom

They may love their moms, or they may hate their moms. But debt toh bharna padega.

Since 6H is of divorce, quite a few times the moms are separated from the dads. Or emotionally separated at least because in our elder generation divorce isn’t accepted.

But the kid feels the energy. And they start filling up the emotional or security deficit of mom. Paying the debt starts from childhood.

There will be either fights with the mother or for the mother.

Check dignity of cancer. If Jupiter is there then they will pay off debt with dignity and unlock bhagya. But let’s say it’s moon in Scorpio in 6H and the person isn’t mature – this can be headless fights making life toxic.

So care needs to be taken. Remedies included lower.



Anyone they connect with emotionally can be an enemy. Check history of the exes. Maybe they are just there for the money.

Alternatively people who genuinely care, they can drive them off with nitpicking.

So they need to double triple check their friends. Is your friend a real friend.
If enemy please lose them, if genuine do not nit pick.


How to Karma Misaligned ?

We will get to the strengths.

But the biggest mistake that can happen is when they drive away loved ones.

It’s impossible to win fights. Because they Will remember all the details. If you fight, you will lose.

Now question to them is then are feelings more important that proving you are right. There is a choice to be made.

Both choices are valid, but be concious about it. Don’t do it out of habit.

The power of this placement-

  • Use it to get promoted
  • Opportunities abroad
  • Sales Ninja

So up untill now it was all gloom and doom.
But gues where you actually need nit picking – profession.

This person can be so perfect at their work, so much without ego, so much better (more competitive) than his colleagues that he will keep getting promoted.

This person is the boss’s dream come true.

He will also get opportunities abroad.

The moment this person got a job – you will see it’s like his bhagya woke up. From the uncertainty that the mother brought, suddenly he find’s emotional comfort in his job, in having a predictable daily routine, in being of service.

6H is also opposite parties kharch (12 from 7). So you can imagine this person enters negotiations and deals start getting bigger. Contracts (and all the detailed terms and conditions) start making it more favorable for you Vs other party.

This person can be a lean mean money making machine.

Remedies !

  • Pets. They will change your life.
  • Gym, or running, will also change your life.
  • Detach from the drama that exists in mom’s life.
  • You love her, you love father, let them sort it out.
  • Or if you are having fights with her (instead of her and her father) then start drawing boundaries.
  • Be careful of frenemies.
  • Drink water from a hospital.
  • Or donate medicines, or help with healthcare.

When no emotions are the best emotions – The stoic

Emotions can easily go toxic.
So why don’t you dry them up?

Read up stoicism.
Stoics control emotions. They just won’t get emotional or express it. They will question every emotion – does it even deserve to be there?

If I am angry? What if am I in this position, what could I have done better.
If I feel exploited? Why don’t I plan my exit strategy.
If I feel vulnerable? Why don’t I strengthen my position.

Every emotion basically just means there is work (6H karaktwa) to be done.
And 6 moons can be born workaholics.

Can you imagine what will happen to the person if he continues?

  • He would rise to the top.He would have humility.
  • He will make a lot of money.
  • He will be at peace.
  • He would ”serve” a very large group of people – one could say “masses” (moon).
  • He will win people’s hearts (moon).
  • With great challenges, comes great payoff 🤍☘️

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