Delay And No Marriage According to Astrology

Ideas for Delay And No Marriage According to Astrology

Marriage is important for the foundation of any healthy society. It is a bonding of two soul, and they start their togetherness with commitment of happiness, love, affections, care, and their growth in life. Marriage is a starting of a new chapter and many new relationships. It is a beginning of a family. More than physical union, marriage is about emotional and mental support.

But sometimes native struggle in find good partner or whatever their desire does not fulfill this become endless search and it convert into delay or no marriage. Let’s try to understand this problem according to astrology.

7th house in the chart is the key house, which shows our marriage and marriage partner.

Now we need to study or analyses which planets are in the 7th house, who is the ruler and where he is located, what sign, what aspects are present in this house. 2nd and 11th houses, which also affect family affairs.

2nd house is responsible for the family and 11th for the profit and fulfillment of desires, these house planets and zodiac lord should also favorable.

Late marriage indication as per planets and houses.

Saturn planet mostly responsible for delay in marriage :

A) Saturn in 1st or 7th house is aspected by the Sun, Rahu, Ketu, Mars.

B)Saturn Moon conjunction in D1 or D9.

C) Saturn, Moon, Sun conjunction.

D) Saturn, Sun Conjunction or Saturn aspected by Sun.

E) Retrograde planets are in 2nd house.

F) 2nd house zodiac lord is retrograde.

G) Combust Venus in the 7th house.

H) 7th lord either aspected by Saturn or debilitated or in an enemy sign.

i) Rahu (North Node) in 7th house or Venus + Saturn.

J) Mars in 1st , 2nd, 4th, 7th,8th,12th.(Manglik Dosh) may be reason of delay of marriage.

Delay of marriage, largely depend on the period on which planet is going on.
So, delays can bring the period of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, but you need to evaluate how favorable they are in the chart.
It is also important to look at other aspects that can “smooth out” the negative combination.

No marriage-

I noticed in so many cases native want to do marriage but still single or some willingly don’t want to get married and the planetary positions in their birth chart don’t either support a married life or don’t create the desire to live a married life.

They are inclined toward spirituality and independence and believe that the institution of marriage isn’t for them.

1) Rahu (North Node) in the 7th house and conjunct or aspected by malefic planets.

2) Maximum planets are placed in the 4th, 8th, 12th.

3) Ketu (South Node) planet also known as planet of spirituality is in the 7th house.

4) Venus is afflicted by multiple malefic planets.

5) Venus is debilitated or combust in enemy sign in the birth chart or D9 chart.

6) Moon is conjunct with Saturn and Ketu (South Node).

7) Ketu (South Node) with Saturn in the 8th house can indicate no marriage.

8)12th house lord is placed in the 1st house and there are no benefice planets placed in or aspecting the 7th house.

9) When houses number 1st , 2nd , 7th , 11th and 12th are weak or badly influenced by malefic planets, then the native will never get married.

It is just my general views it may differ with others as usual with limited words, everything cannot be explained and if someone feels something missing, something wrong they all are welcome to share their opinion and correct. Important its general views it varies person to person according to chart so always chart analysis mandatory for any conclusion.

Thanks to all.

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