Planetary combinations for a happy married life

Know Planetary Combinations for a Happy Married Life the best Guide

Marriage is an institution for continuance of mankind. A happy marriage creates opportunities for material and spiritual growth. The most active life of a person is between 25 to 50 years when one is fit and ready to do anything with zeal for promoting not only his own generation but for the growth of the society and the world at large.

The marriage partner becomes once natural Ally and provides the latter with opportunity to confide in, to be here, counsel and to plan for the future besides catering to his or her physical needs without any selfish consideration. The attainments of once life are solely depend upon one successful and happy married life.

Planetary combinations for a happy married life is very important for a good relationship with your partner. Besides the operating planetary periods of the well placed or strong functional benefice planets, marital happiness is ruled by –

1) Strong or well placed significant for marriage partner. For example Jupiter is significant for the husband and Venus is significant for the wife.

( 2) Strong or well placed lord of the 4th house ruling domestic piece and marital harmony.

(3) Strong or well placed lord of the 8th house ruling the marital tie.

(4) Strong or well placed lord of the 12th house ruling comforts of bed and good sleep. If weak lot of the 12th house or its lord causes separation between the married partners resulting in loss of Bed comforts and loss of sound and peaceful sleep.

(5) Strong well placed lord of second house which rules the family and the continuance of the family line.

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